Risk Management Simplified

A practical, step-by-step guide to identifying and addressing risks to your business

By Andy Osborne

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ISBN : 978-1-906316-48-8    £9.75
Publication date : January 2010
Foreword by Richard Ward, Group Chairman, Vistage International

Over the years, my work with Chief Executives and Directors of businesses of all types has reinforced my belief that effective management of risks is a fundamental aspect of exploiting business opportunities and managing a business. Indeed, it is absolutely essential if businesses are to succeed and thrive.

However, whilst effective risk management is important to businesses of all sizes and types, it has often been, and to a large extent still is, seen as the domain of very large organisations. But every business, whether it employs 5, 25 or 250 people should be actively managing its risks, and the principles of effective risk management apply whatever the size of the business.

There are a number of books available on the subject of risk management. Many of them are aimed at people who are already risk management specialists or who have a particular risk management related role. Others are very specific in terms of their subject matter, focussing, for instance, on financial or insurance-related risk, which, whilst extremely important, aren't the only types of risks that businesses face. Several are highly technical in content or are complex and difficult to understand. Some are just plain dull!

Most succeed in making the subject sound extremely complex and difficult and not particularly accessible to the average business manager, who, let's face it, probably has a thousand and one other things to think about besides risk management. Very few cover the subject of risk management as a whole. Even fewer tell the non-risk professional how to actually go about it, and fewer still do so in a way that's easy to understand and implement.

This book is different. Written in an informal, no-nonsense style that is easy to read and easy to understand, Andy Osborne's book brings the concepts of effective risk management to a wider audience than that traditionally served by the majority of risk management publications.

Whilst its content will undoubtedly benefit small to medium enterprises (SMEs) it is just as applicable to larger businesses, not-for-profit or public sector organisations looking to implement an effective risk management programme.

I showed Andy's manuscript to some of the business owners and executives that I work with and the view was that it was excellent and would prove very valuable to CEOs, MDs and other business managers.

This is not a book full of theoretical musings. It is a highly practical 'how to' guide which gives a simple, straightforward, though thorough, process which, if followed, will make your business more resilient.

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